Shigeru Tanaka laboratory studies neural phenomena to understand the function of the brain.


Vasileios D. TSEROLAS

Research subjects

  • Development of a minimal mathematical neuron model with various spiking and bursting modes.
  • Investigation of spatiotemporal dynamics in closed loop networks like the hippocampal system.
  • Study of collective activity in neuronal populations with various types of coupling using the spiking and bursting neuron model.
  • Memorization and recognition of patterns with a simplified network model of the olfactory system.
  • Development of methods for analyzing and characterizing GPS signals.

Research Interests

  • Development of computational models of cortical microcircuits and investigation of the computational principles embedded in these circuits and their contribution to the information processing capabilities of the neocortex and hippocampus.
  • Development of computational models of bidirectional communication between neurons and glia and investigation of the role that glia play in information processing, learning and memory in the brain.
  • Detail modelling of the olfactory system, by incorporating new features in order to understand the integration of the many factors influencing the construction and transformation of odor representations.
  • Development of a computational model of the cortex – basal ganglia – thalamus loop in order to reveal the mechanisms behind reinforcement learning, action selection and working memory.
  • Application of statistical methods and control system theory for signal processing of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS), EEG and MRI data.


Masaki HAYASHI(林政樹):Second-year student of the master’s program

Research subject

Mathematical modelling of tripartite synapses

Ryo KANOMATA (鹿又涼): First-year student of the master’s program

Research subject

Synchronization in action potential generation reproduced by a nonlinear dynamic neuron model

Mayo KIKUCHI (菊地万葉): Fourth-year undergraduate student

Orgil GANBAT (ガンバト オリギル): Fourth-year undergraduate student

ChenXi XIE (謝 晨曦) : Research student


Shuhei OHKAWA(大川修平) (graduated in March, 2018)


Research on concentration and learning efficiency using the cocktail party effect

Akihiro OHSAWA(大澤皓弘)(graduated in March, 2018)


Development of experimental methods for two-photon microscopic imaging in the mouse primary visual cortex



2017 Laboratory seminar held in UEC Library

2018 Members of Shigeru Tanaka lab

2018 Party at Jackson Hole

2018 Laboratory seminar